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Ocheti/inele SS125 M otel inoxidabil Swivel Hoist Ring


  • Inele de Ridicare Rotative din Otel Inoxidabil
  • SS-125M – Filet METRIC
  • Toate componentele sunt din otel inoxidabil 316, exceptand opritorii boltului, care sunt fabricati din 15-7 PH(UNS 15700) otel inoxidabil magnetic.
  • Capacitati disponibile: de la 200 Kg. pana la 22.300 Kg.
  • Evaluat la 100% la unghi de 90 grade.
  • Fiecare produs are stantat Codul de Identificare Produs (PIC) pentru trasabilitatea materialului, pe langa Sarcina Limita de Lucru (W.L.L.) si numele Crosby say „CG”.
  • Testate individual cu o Sarcina de Proba de 2 ori Sarcina Limita de Lucru (W.L.L.).
  • Saiba are un cod de culori pentru o identificare usoara (Argintiu – filet METRIC)
  • Surub cu cap bombat si locas hexagonal din otel inoxidabil 316 conform ASTM F 837M (316).
  • Model cu filet METRIC (ASME/ ANSI B 18.3.1M).
  • IDENTIFICAREA DIMENSIUNI SURUBULUI: Dimensiunea surubului este stabilita conform desenului de mai jos.
  • Ilustratia prezinta dimensiunile produsului
  • Modelele de la Marimea 2 in sus sunt ECHIPATE RFID.



SS-125M Metric Threads

All components are 316 stainless steel, except bolt retainers, which are made from 15-7 PH
(UNS 15700) magnetic stainless steel. Available in capacities from 200 kg. to 22.300 kg.
• Rated at 100 percent at 90 degree angle.
• Each product has a Product Identification Code (PIC) for material traceability, along
with the Working Load Limit and the name Crosby or "CG" stamped into it.
• Individually proof tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit with certification.
• Fatigue Rated to 20,000 cycles at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit
• Washer is color coded for easy identification (Silver - Metric thread).
• Bolt specification is 316 Stainless Steel socket head cap screw to ASTM F 837M (316).
All threads listed are Metric (ASME/ANSI B18.3.1M).
• BOLT SIZE IDENTIFICATION: The size of the bolt will be stated as in the drawing below.
Illustration shows meaning of each dimension given.
• NOTE: For Special Applications, see page 396.
• Frame 2 and larger are RFID EQUIPPED.

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